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Armani is a luxury brand that offers haute couture pieces, shoes, home interiors and much more. This Italian brand caters to both men and women with a main price point of $600. 

Dress is sleek timeless haute couture pieces from non other than Italian luxury brand Armani. This is the place to discover high end pieces made of fine silks, leathers, and knits bringing you the latest styles every time.This high end fashion house offers business style looks, trendy leisure pieces and so many other styles that can be dressed up and down depending on your look. With coats as high as $5,000 made of lambskin, Armani does not cut corners when it comes to providing high quality pieces.If you are looking for brands that are similar to Armani like Armani Exchange and Hugo Boss, just head on down below for the list of similar stores that we have for you.

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