5 Classic Sneaker Brands That Will Forever Be In Style

by Natanya Toomes
Last updated on Feb. 4 2019
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Trends come and go, but the classics are one thing that never fade. From simple white kicks to legendary shoes with an undeniable classic design, sneakers’ appeal go far beyond functional footwear. Take a look at our favorite top 5 picks of classic brands that never go out of style.


One of the most universal sneaker brands, Converse always seems to strike up a conversation. No matter if you have on a classic pair or one of their Chuck Taylor's or one of their many limited editions, they will always be a household staple that has withstood generations and still in high demand.


Looking for accessible not to mention affordable kicks that never lose their classic style, Keds is THAT brand. Known for their minimalist style and fun patterns, continues to be fan favorite among women (and kids).


When on the search for a pair of shoes that you can easily get in an out of a pair of Toms is the way to go. Toms slip-ons are of the the most recognizable shoes which is why they have made out list.


Don't you love those brands that looks good no matter the era? Adidas is one of those shoes that looks as good as it did back in the early 2000's as it does now wouldn't be reprimanded for wearing them over again in 2018. The classic three stripe print and simple design makes this brand a classic and a closet staple.


Making their mark in the skater community with the ‘old skool, classic skate’ style Vans was later picked up by fashion goers and now we are all wearing them! This sneaker brand first recognized for its checkered print now sports a 'jazz stripe' right along the side for a simple classic style.