Korean Fall Fashion Trend 2022 You Need To Know

BY Via Alam

November 17th 2022

Korean Fall Fashion Trend 2022 You Need To Know

As we are near the end of summer and in the beginning of fall, it's time to bring back warmer outfits and cozy sweaters into our closet. If you love Korean fashion here are the ultimate fall fashion trends you need to know


1. Trench Coat

What is fall season without the aesthetically posh trench coat? This double-breasted coat is an indisputably popular wardrobe essential that makes you look voguish and professional at the same time. Whether you are aiming toward a casual street style or a preppy look, trench coats never fail to make you look put together. Here are some idols that rock trench coat like runaway models.




2. Ribbed Turtle neck

Next up on Korean fall fashion trends is the ribbed turtleneck. This close-fitting collared top is a timeless piece that is incredibly versatile and sleek. Although turtlenecks have traversed several fashion decades, they are still quite trendy today. Their secret? They can make you feel modest and sexy at once!




3. Sweater Vest

As we venture into the world of layering, sweater vests are a must. What sets this sleeveless sweater apart from other trends is that it doesn’t take away from an outfit’s simplicity. With its low-cut neckline, they can be layered on top of button-down shirts or detachable collars.




4. Knitted Cardigan

It is no secret that today’s fashion icons knows many things, especially when it comes to layering cardigans. The knitted cardigan has been in the fashion spotlight long enough for songs to be written about it. Apart from layering, there are so many other ways to approach this trend. For instance, they can be tied around the neck just like that revived 80s trend or they can be tugged at the shoulder for an off-shoulder look.




5. Beret and Beanie

Elevate your outfit by accessorizing it with either a beret or a beanie. These two caps can add an extra element to any outfit that makes it look more attractive and dressy. The classic flat-crowned cap can emanate the signature Parisian vibes. Meanwhile, the head-hugging brimless cap gives off more of a grunge feel. 




6. Flannel Shirt

Bring your outfit to life by throwing a splash of warm colors through flannel shirts. Although this clothing piece was traditionally worn by lumberjacks, it is back to dominating this year’s Korean fall fashion trends. It is a no-brainer that flannel shirts are a real head-turner this season since plaid is a classic fall pattern. 




7. Pleated Midi Skirt

Too cold for a mini skirt? Try on a midi skirt instead! A flowy pleated midi skirt with an oversized top can create an attention-grabbing fall look. Fortunately, midi skirts are flattering for any body type as the silhouette they produce can range from a fitted bodycon to a full skirt. Although mini skirts are incredibly popular in South Korea, the vast majority are still rather conservative with what they wear. Thus, midi skirts are for those who want better freedom of leg movement while dressing conservatively.




8. Low-Rise Trousers

One of the most divisive trends has astonishingly made it to the list this year: low-rise trousers. Although many have been criticizing it to be overly provocative, we cannot deny that it is all about being confident in your own body. Unlike the extremely low-rise skinny jeans from the early 2000s, many Korean designers this year have introduced new proportions with wider silhouettes and long inseams that sit perfectly on the hip.




9. Denim Jacket

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean we won’t have any more sunshine this year. Instead of putting your summer dresses away, layer a denim jacket on them! It is every K-Idol’s go-to for the fall season because they strikingly match so well with numerous outfits.




10. Chunky Boots

Last but not least is the biggest footwear of the fall season: chunky boots. It’s about time that you put aside your sneakers and stock up on boots with tall platforms. Since they add some extra height and give the illusion of longer legs, chunky boots are proven beyond doubt to be a fall season essential.