Modest Boutiques You Need To Discover

by Natanya Toomes
Last updated on Feb. 4 2019
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Searching for modest clothing styles that are trendy as well as fashionable can seem like an impossible search. We know it can be difficult to find modest clothing with the right fit and hems that meet your needs which is why we rallied up our top 7 favorite modest dress brands that you need to discover.


In the search for modern everyday styles with a vintage twist, Roolee offers the women's modest fashion you didn’t know you needed.

Modest Thief

Stylish bohemian looks that are also modest? Yup you’ve hit the jackpot at Modest Thief. This brand is affordable, trendy, with styles that always meets modesty standards.

Sexy Modest

Modest style with a bohemian twist Sexy Modest was born to deliver just that. This brand understands that being being modest doesn't mean that you can’t still look and feel sexy.

Piper & Scoot

If you are looking for the 3 C’s (Cute, Comfortable and Conservative) then Piper & Scoot is the boutique that has you covered every time.


Honoring your standards while making you look and feel beautiful , ModWhite is that boutique with modest pieces at inexpensive prices.

Journey Five

Specializing in feminine, bohemian style modest pieces, Journey Five understands the struggle of wanting to look good no matter the days occasion.

Called To Surf

Looking for a unique boutique that carries brands and styles for the whole family, then Called to Surf just might be the place for you. They bring the closet essentials straight to you every time.