The Coolest Contemporary Boutiques You Need To Know

by Natanya Toomes
Last updated on March 11 2019
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Under the radar closet essentials that effortlessly work as an everyday staple, contemporary styles are pieces you no longer can be without. Don’t think of it as sacrificing your designer-wielding edge, just that designer price tag. Contemporary pieces are the hidden gems that leave spectators only guessing at where you snagged your chic find (making the find all the more delicious). Check out 9 of the coolest contemporary boutiques from KILN Apparel, Lisa Says Gah and others you won't be able to wait to show off.

KILN Apparel

Providing styles for those that choose to live the high-end lifestyle, KILN Apparel provides the casual sophisticated collections your closet is begging for.


Based in sunny Los Angeles, Madison boutique embodies eclectic and elevated selections through their women’s collections in store and online.


When you are looking for minimalist fashion that is unique with colors and patterns, Bird is a boutique that provides you with those soon to be everyday staples. This is a place where you can easily express yourself and look confident while doing it.


The adventurous spirits, the lovers of color, the bohemian mavens who wear only collections that bring them joy, Camilla is a boutique that embodies those elements. With intricate prints that depict nature in bold colors, this boutique is the destination even for men and kids!

Lisa Says Gah

If you are all about ethical fashion, Lisa Says Gah is THAT boutique. They also provide you with the highest quality fabrics for their bold unique collections that give a modern day 90’s vibe.

Bona Drag

Made of only quality materials, Bona Drag creates pieces for those that have a timeless love for basics and unique silhouettes. Sounds like you? Be sure to check out there style gallery here.

Henrik Vibskov Boutique

Avante- guard, fashion, style, POSE. Henrik Vibskov Boutique provides intricate detailing and unique selections that were created for you to stand out amongst the crowd.

For Love and Lemons

Take boho style meets modern day fashion and you get For Love and Lemons. This boutique aims to inspire women to embrace their individuality through the pieces that they choose to add to their wardrobe though this collection.

Frances May

If you are a lover of boho pieces with chic silhouettes, then Frances May is a great selection. When it comes to contemporary fashion this is a boutique that brings you the essentials that you didn’t know you needed.