The Ultimate Earring Shop

by Natanya Toomes
Last updated on Feb. 4 2019
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Earrings are that one staple piece that just seem to always tie together an outfit. From simple and classic to bold and flirty, no matter your style we have the brands that give you a little bit of everything you need. Follow our style tips on the top 5 jewelry brands to help you show off your next look.

Simple Luxury with Jennifer Meyer

Simple yet chic. Jennifer Meyer creates timeless collections with the belief that luxury pieces should be effortless and more than just another accessory. We couldn't agree more, sometimes less is more for a reason.

Keep It Trendy with BaubleBar

Keep ahead of the trends with jewelry pieces that are always chic, always trendy and always found at BaubleBar. Their vibrant collections never disappoint when it comes to making sure that your style remains on trend with the latest.

Make A Statement with Hart

The “perfect everyday statement earrings” yes, that’s Hart. This bohemian style jewelry brand is fused with an Asian aesthetic becoming the driving force behind these beautiful statement earrings. With vibrant colors and chic silhouettes these earrings will definitely be the focal point of your next look.

Uniquely Handcrafted with Rebecca de Ravenel

Effortlessly luxurious, Rebecca de Ravenel's pieces are handcrafted and deeply rooted in the classic tropics with a touch of urban flair. These unique, vibrant pieces and hand embroidered in India making each piece even more one of a kind.

Bohemian Influenced with Aurelie Bidermann

For whimsical designs inspired by the beauty of nature, Aurelie Bidermann is the bohemian influenced jewelry brand for the nature gal. This brand sets their seamless creations on the sights of travel and the beauty of the outdoors with patterns such as leaves and feathers in a lavish display.