Top 8 Luxury Brands Every Fashionista Should Visit For Stylish Sneakers

by Natanya Toomes
Last updated on Feb. 25 2019
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It’s time to leave the pumps in the closet (just this once). When it comes to these luxury brands, many forget that high fashion can also be found in comfort. Designer brands like Dior, Gucci, Prada and so many others are making the crossover to embracing the sportier side of footwear with luxury sneakers. Our editors couldn’t resist not bringing you the top luxury brands where stylish sneakers flourish and fashionsta's feet are thanking the style heavens.


Chanel is known for being one of the most luxurious fashion brands around for their beautiful and graceful garments and their sneaker game is no different. They offer simple classic styles, that can easily be transitioned into everyday looks for an effortlessly chic look.


Dior creates styles that are elegant with a youthful twist and their sneaker creations speak true to that style. With flattering styles that are simple, modern and always luxurious, Dior has the latest styles every time.


Who doesn't love having a little haute couture on their feet, (we know we don't mind). Givenchy comes in with the latest off the runway looks for on the street styles with the hottest kicks.


When you see the iconic double f-monogram, you already know the luxurious Fendi brand is about to set the scene. This well known brand strives to make chic designs simplistic even down to their laid back sneakers that are everything BUT.


Now...if you are looking for a sneaker that is luxurious and can easily be your statement piece, call up Valentino. If you consider your style a mix between elegance, luxury with a dash of edge, then Valentino is equipped with the styles that will ensure that you are looking and feeling runway ready (even if it’s just in their latest sneakers)


When you hear the name Prada, you already know that luxury won’t be too far behind. Prada is known for their simplistic designs that still manage to strike up a conversation. Not to mention some of their stylish sneaks can run you up to $900. (Woah fashion!)


If you are looking for that “model off duty” style, Gucci has you covered. This designer brand has the finest when it comes to leathers and unique designs, so it’s only right that their “not-so-laid-back” kicks cause a scene.


Known for “those Balenciagas, (you know) the ones that look like socks” this luxury brand holds the title for the sneakers that bring you the comfort, the simple edge, and that iconic style when it comes to sneakers. With the simple small logo print on the side of the shoe, is still just enough to make fashion enthusiasts spend up to $800 for a pair.