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Price Range: $$$$
3.5 - 7176 Reviews
Monthly Shoppers: 27,000,000
Designer, Bags, Trendy, Accessories, Unique, HighEnd, Upscale


Farfetch offers the largest luxury selection of top of the line pieces from various brands and boutiques with the most interesting new designs. From top designer looks and trendy styles, this brand carries a main price point of $600.

Look and feel luxurious like you just stepped off the runway in the latest that Farfetch has to offer. This store is known for offering top of the line styles from some of the world’s luxury boutique and designer brands.

If one of a kind unique styles is something that you are in the market for, then Farfetch is the place to be. Browse through luxury designer brands that you won’t find anywhere else that carry a price point that ranges from $500 flared trousers to $48,000 fur coats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for Farfetch to deliver?

Farfetch usually takes 2-7 days to deliver products.

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Price Range: $$$$

4.5 - 17478 Reviews

Monthly Shoppers: 16,000,000

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