Spain flag Spain Department
Price Range: $$
4 - 9 Reviews
Monthly Shoppers: 1,000,000
Athletic, Sneakers, Hype, ActiveWear, Trendy, Logo, Brand, LaidBack, Quality


Foot District is a street and active wear store that caters to both men and women that offer a main pricing point of $160.

Foot District is a Madrid based store known as the cities best place to find all the latest sneakers and active wear. Whether you're looking for the newest Nike releases or an everyday outfit that can be worn to workout or run errands fashionably, Foot District is the store for you. 

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Athletic,  Clothes,  Sweatpants,  Sneakers,  Hype,  ActiveWear,  Trendy,  Logo,  Brand,  LaidBack,  Quality,  Art

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