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Monthly Shoppers: 2,000,000
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FWRD is the online destination for luxury designer apparel, bags, shoes, and accessories that fit the modern everyday woman. Pricing can range from $60 shoes to $2,000 designer bags, but we like to say these designs are well worth it.

FWRD is a fashion brand that carries a curated selection of some of the world'd top designers from Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Valentino, Chloe, and so many other well renowned designers.

This store allows you to shop by designers allowing you to always stay on top of your fashion game with looks straight off the runway. With nothing but the best quality and styles anyone who loves fashion would die for FWRD has you covered just make sure you have enough room in your closet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does FWRD offer free shipping?

Yes, FWRD offers free 2 day shipping on all US orders

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