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Price Range: $$$
2 - 237 Reviews
Monthly Shoppers: 6,000,000
Business, Designer, Accessories, Blazer, Bags, Shoes, Upscale, Eyewear


Hugo Boss is a fashion brand that offers sophisticated modern looks on business/casual attire. This clothing brand caters to both men and women with a main price point of $600.

Dress to impress in the latest business, casual, and athleisure wear looks that upscale modern style with Hugo Boss.

This is the brand that men and women flock to when they want to make a statement no matter the occasion.With polished and trim styles, finding the right silk collar tuxedo, shift dress, or even the right accessory piece will always have you feeling like a ‘boss’. Hugo Boss carries pieces that can range from $120 cuff links, to $1,000 blazer jackets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hugo Boss made?

Hugo Boss is made in Metzingen, Germany

What is their IG?

The Hugo Boss intsagram handle is @hugo_official

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1.5 - 197 Reviews

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