Price Range: $$$
1.5 - 197 Reviews
Monthly Shoppers: 8,000,000
Polo, Dresses, Skirts, Shoes, Watches, Bags, Activewear, Logo, Classic, Upscale, Sportswear


Lacoste is a lifestyle brand that offers crisp preppy clothing for men, women and kids. This brand is known for its iconic cotton polo with a crocodile icon and a price point of  $150.

Keep your style preppy and crisp with the iconic Lacoste brand that is known for its polos and iconic crocodile logo. This brand is known for providing laid back outerwear pieces that do not have to be boxed into the ‘sportswear’ category.  Lacoste has expanded its brand to footwear, leather goods, fragrances, watches and so many other accessories that always serve a classic style. They are known for having an inexpensive price point that can range from $30 tanks to $800 leather skirts. If you still need more options like Lacoste, browse below at the similar store lists of Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss just to name a few.

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2 - 158 Reviews

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