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Leam is a luxury clothing and accessory store that offers exclusive pieces from high end designer brands. Take a look through their latest collection of timeless clothing and accessories with a main price point of $600.

Leam offers the best in exclusive designer items for men and women from brands like Valentino, Moncler, Stella McCartney and many more.The world of fashion is huge and the designer list is endless, but with Leam you can easily find the hottest new pieces from the top through to up and coming designers all in one place. Their contemporary and sophisticated pieces range from graceful trousers, bold Valentino heels, timeless wool coats and much more. Leam allows you to shop the best in contemporary designer pieces for men and women at prices that can cost as much as $2200.Looking for more luxury boutiques like Leam? Take a look at Bruna Rosso, Gente Roma and so many others that are listed below.

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