8 Stores To Shop For The Same Forever 21 Feel

by Natanya Toomes
Last updated on Feb. 4 2019
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Fashion that is fun, trendy and affordable, Forever 21 along with these newly discovered brands has all the latest. Check out Modvisor’s top 8 boutiques and brands like Pretty Little Thing to Lime Lush that just might be your next go-to’s for the trendy fan favorites.

Lime Lush Boutique

We would like for you to meet the boutique that brings you the comfort and the style that you have been looking for at Lime Lush. Simple carefree looks that will have you ready for the approaching seasons, Lime Lush carries a wide range of clothing options that cater to the everyday modern woman.

Pretty Little Thing

If you're a 'pretty little thing' put your hands up! Eliminate the nothing to wear dilemmas for good as long as you're shopping with Pretty Little Thing. With their fast runway meets real life fashion styles you won't be able to get enough! They are all about making style accessible even when you are on a budget by making their clothes affordable.


The fashion brand that is all about making their shoppers feel beautiful and confident, Tobi you're it! This online shop has prices that are so affordable and pieces that look so upscale and chic will leave people wondering where you scored these great finds.


Welcome to your next one stop shop for daring, fun, fashion forward apparel at prices that we are glad to say are affordable! They pride themselves on redefining trends that meet every need of a budding fashionista by providing fast fashion and allowing their customers to express their individuality through their latest styles.


If you are looking for that brand that's trendy and fashionable for the young, the wild and the modern (Yup..Like Forever 21) Mango is THAT brand. They create the looks for the women who live for timeless pieces that always keep it classic while striving to bring the latest styles.


Prided on providing clothes that are bold, attention grabbing and fierce Missguided caters to the women who make an impact while on the go. With inspiration from street style pop culture and global influences, Missguided is the destination that embodies what it means to be a woman that is hard working while staying stylish.


Get the latest styles with an affordable price tag at Boohoo. This brand is known for their great celebrity + brand collaborations that always get the latest spin on what’s trendy in the industry.

Impressions Online Boutique

Let your wardrobe speak for itself at Impressions Online Boutique. This clothing boutique allows shoppers to stand out as well as making a lasting impression no matter the occasion. The hardest part of shopping here will be figuring out where to begin!