What to Wear On a Lazy Day When You Still Want To Be Fashionable

BY Natanya Toomes

November 6th 2022

What to Wear On a Lazy Day When You Still Want To Be Fashionable
Sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on, that’s our carefree vibe, hope that you don’t take it wrong. When it comes to style, slaying for the gods can be time consuming we get it! Waking up on time PLUS making sure every aspect of an outfit is on point can be a challenge, that’s why our editors put together this piece just for you. For the days you yearn for a casual Friday without losing your chic, we gathered the top 5 brands that combine comfort and fashion whether your heading out or lounging at home.


For the days you want to lounge in bed or head to run a couple errands without having to change, trust us Cloroom is the brand you wish you knew about sooner. With smooth velvets and silks, this leisurewear brand sets the tone by seamlessly merging comfort and fashion.


Whoever said that you can’t be fashionable first thing in the morning must not have heard about Lunya. With luxuriously soft fabrics that soothe you during slumber, making sure that you sleep even better with their no slip straps, flat pockets and other key features that are sure to not interrupt sleep.

Helena Quinn

Around the house or out the door, Helene Quinn has the styles to work into your on the go schedule. Their classy and luxurious pieces serve to make sure that wearers feel confident and sexy no matter they are headed as to why their collections are both comfy and versatile.

Olivia Von Halle

If you want to lounge around looking FAB-U-LOUS then Oliva Von Halle is a brand that you need to add to your wardrobe. With chic collections made entirely of silk satin fabrics, luxe pajamas, kimonos, night shirts and other chic finds.


For a retro take on comfort fits, WildFox is that brand. This brand that offers the coolest designs that are a prime example of a modern take on old school classics and comfort.